The Mercury Platform empowers the real-time management of Exchange Trades for financial institutions by combining the power of STACS blockchain with the efficiency of smart contracts on a single platform. ​


Due to a siloed systems landscape and misaligned business processes, over 60% of Exchange-Traded Derivatives (ETD) trades occur with trade breaks, which need to be investigated manually by Asset Managers and their Custodians.​

The Mercury Platform has proven to help Asset Managers, Brokers and Custodians be able to perform trade enrichment and reconciliation in real-time, hence eliminating their trade breaks by as much as 95%, allowing them to focus their resources on the activities that matter.

Mercury is now open to Asset Managers, Prime Brokers and Clearing Brokers. Sign up now for a demo and trial account.

The Mercury Platform helps Asset Managers, Brokers, and Custodians overcome their most critical challenges in several ways. Mercury’s features include:

STACS blockchain-based system to maintain and calculate broker trading fees in real-time. It offers a reliable, distributed infrastructure, unifying different brokers and overcoming their fragmented practices and systems. With this solution, significant cost savings have been achieved for our users, with trade breaks decreasing by as much as 95%.

Automated trade matching engine with multiple brokers and asset managers upon execution of trades (T+0). With same-day trade matching, quicker reconciliation of trades is achieved, thereby reducing risk.

Trade Captures between counterparties on a shared digital ledger. With the usage of a common ledger, the need for trade matching across disparate systems are mitigated

Product features

  • Distributed ledger for concurrent processing by multiple participants
  • Fee Schedule Module
  • Realtime Trade Enrichment Module
  • Realtime Trade Exceptions Module
  • Realtime Trade Matching Module
  • Clearing on T+0
  • API connectivity and integrations available

Mercury Platform is part of the Settility Infrastructure, and is powered by the STACS Blockchain.  Read here for more information on the STACS Blockchain

Mercury is now open to Asset Managers, Prime Brokers and Clearing Brokers. Sign up now for a demo and trial account.

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